Whether you're looking for a cool way to get new tones out of your guitar rig, or you're looking for a way to use guitar amps and effects for an instrument other than guitar, the Pigtronix Keymaster is the pedal you need. Far from some one-trick-pony, the Keymaster is a versatile tool that gives you a ton of signal routing options, plus a pair of effects loops. You can use the Keymaster's flexible I/O options for anything from reamping to sending your snare mic through your guitar amp's spring reverb, and much more. 



On the input side, the Keymaster's 1/4" input lets you plug in a hi-Z guitar-level source or a line-level source (balanced or unbalanced). There's also an XLR input, so you can hook up a dynamic microphone or a balanced line-level source. The Keymaster's output section is a mirror image of the input section, allowing you to match any input source to any piece of gear you own. And then there are the Keymaster's pair of independent true-bypass effects loops. 

You can set the Keymaster's two effects loops to run either in a parallel or serial configuration, giving you total flexibility over your effects chain. A pair of footswitches lets you toggle each loop separately, and you can even plug in an expression pedal, which allows you to dynamically crossfade between them. The tone possibilities are endless!



  • 1/4" inputs for guitar or line-level signal (balanced or unbalanced)
  • XLR input lets you hook up balanced line or mic-level signal
  • 1/4" line (balanced or unbalanced) and XLR outputs
  • Separate gain boost controls for both the input and output volume
  • 2 x independent effects loops that you can run in parallel or serial configuration
  • Dynamically blend between effects loops, by hooking up your expression pedal
  • Includes original packaging!

Pigtronix Keymaster True Bypass FX Loop

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